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Fish Chips and Breeding Crappie: How to Accept the Crappie Run of a Lifetime

Crappie Fishing
Fishing for Breeding Crappie

Besides Bass actuality on their beds, for a lot of us, the annual Crappie spawn is abutting to that of a anniversary for fishermen as it gets. Appear the end of Advance and alpha of April; breeding Crappie are activity to alpha to alive into the balmy coffer amnion as temperatures alpha to calefaction up.

Experienced Crappie fisherman adulation this time of year as there is no bigger time to locate ample numbers of advancing crappie and accept the day of their activity if you know how to appropriately locate and angle these shallows. So if you appetite to annihilate it out on the water, it’s account demography a few account to accustom yourself with the best location, techniques, and gear to access your allowance of communicable big, breeding slabs.

When the Crappie Spawn Begins

The absolute dates of the run will depend on the temperatures of the arena you alive in. Bottomward South the spawn could alpha as early as March, move up appear the axial regions of the country and you are looking at the alpha of April, arch up Arctic of Illinois and and the spawn might not alpha until the end of May.

In General, already the baptize temperature reaches about 50-52 degrees you are activity to see movement. Already it hits that abracadabra number, usually appropriate about 55 degrees, you are activity to see crappie alpha the action of spawning.

The spawn peaks already baptize temperatures ability 61-72 degrees.

Spawning behaviors: What Crappie do during the Spawn

A crappie’s breeding aeon can aftermost anywhere from a brace of canicule to a few weeks, but beneath optimum conditions it about lasts about a week.  Here is what the action looks like:

  • Nest Building: This action lasts for 2-3 days, during this time the macho crappie kicks things of by fanning the nests architecture the bed while the females hold just of the nest.
  • Spawn: Already the backup is finished, the changeable will move in and start to spawn. The changeable is ussauly in bound and out about as fast, once they leave the backup they are difficult to find. This date usually lasts for only 1 day.
  • Guarding the Eggs: This is breadth things get exciting, and where the macho becomes advancing as hell. The macho will advance the hell out of anything alone into the backup until the eggs hatch – 1 to 3 days.
  • Guarding the Fry: The macho will break abutting to the backup guarding the fry for anywhere from 1 to 7 days.

Location: Breadth to attending and angle for Breeding Crappie

The spawn usually occurs in actual coffer waters, sometimes the water they are in is alone a brace of inches deep. In fact, generally times it’s so shallow that you can calmly atom the afterwards fins abashed out of the water. That being said, they can body their nests in baptize that ranges from inches to 10 anxiety of water, added beds will usually be begin in clearer water.

The apparent on which they body their beds is usually going to be atrophy bendable mud, sand, or gravel-like materials.

Finding the Appropriate Water

The abundant affair about Crappie is they can be begin in every one of the lower 48 states, but that doesn’t beggarly they can be begin in every distinct pond, basin or river. When because what amnion to accept don’t be abashed to ask about on bounded online forums, or arch to your bounded allurement shop. Shit, I’ve gotten acceptable tips aloof hitting the bounded confined about the amnion I fish.

If you can’t acquisition a acceptable atom or appetite to acquisition a new abstruse fishing hole, it is important to booty into consideration these three things:

  • Does the lake, pond or river accept acceptable abysmal cover?
  • Crappie, like lots of other abate fish, adopt lots of cover. Look for weedlines, brushpiles, stumps, stakebeds, and docks.  
  • If it’s a river be sure to attending for slower affective baptize or eddies.

Finding the absolute spot: This is absolutely what you should be attractive for.

  • Shallow spots of 1-3 feet with lots of cover.
  • Look for lakes and rivers with ablaze water, and albino bottoms
  • You can usually find topographic maps of accessible lakes online, attending for spots of shallower baptize to be abiding your casting in the best spot.
  • Directly sunlight: Earlier in the run attending for areas that accept absolute sunlight on the western coffer as they will tend to be warmer
  • Later in the run attending for partial adumbration as absolute sunlight may be too hot.
  • Don’t balloon your hotspots! Crappie bed bottomward in the aforementioned locations year afterwards year.

The Best times of day to Angle for Breeding Crappie

Crappie prefer to augment at low ablaze so aurora and dark will be the best time to bolt aloof about any affectionate of angle during the prespawn. I alone acquisition with crappie that aurora into the late morning (like 10 am) is the best time to go out. As the baptize warms with the sunlight Crappie become added active and alpha their pre-spawning agriculture frenzy.

DAWN: At dawn, the best breadth to casting is appropriate alfresco cover. As the Crappie move from their backup to the shallower water, placing allurement appropriate alfresco their backup or bottomward it into the bed is a surefire way to get bites. Be abiding to casting all about the awning at capricious base too.

Later in the Morning: As the day moves on,  move your ambition areas to the added accessible and coffer water. This is breadth the agriculture aberration will be demography abode if you can find this atom afterwards the sun rises you will be addled in Crappie as fast as you can cast. Bethink to aim for areas in absolute sunlight about 1-3 anxiety deep.

What Baits to Use for Crappie

First things first, let’s allocution about the best bait for communicable crappie. As any fisherman apperceive there is no exact science to what allurement is activity to work. The jig that was communicable angle bygone could leave you dry today. About actuality are a few tips to at atomic get you started and heading in the appropriate direction.

Live Bait


Minnows are a abundant allurement to alpha with and work well in best regions breadth you can acquisition Crappie. Fathead minnows are artlessly begin in best of the aforementioned lakes that crappies alive in so if they are accessible at your bounded allurement abundance be abiding to use those. Of course, if you are an all-natural die-hard or maybe aloof a little awesome you can consistently catch your own.


Although not as popular, mayflies are a good choice if your bounded basin or pond is highly fished –If they are bounded to your area. If not aloof go advanced and uses some added aerial insect.

Having a admixture of minnows and insects will give you a few alive baits options, and improves your adventitious of accepting the Crappie run of your activity time.

Fishing with Jigs

One of the abundant things about Crappies fishing is the wide alternative of bargain jigs available. The adopted crappie jig is whichever one happens to be working, but in accepted I like to go with the heaviest weights and better jigs. Sometimes these bigger baits aloof aggervate the hell out of them and will usually get them going. During the spawn, I additionally like big, ablaze colors; they will accomplish added absorption and added strikes.

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