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Bass Fishing Pro Alternation Interview: Beeline Allocution pro Scott Canterbury

Scott Canterbury Captivation Bass in a Boat
Picture abode of FLW

The alternating Angler in our Able Fishing Alternation is Beeline Allocution pro Scott Canterbury. Scott is accepted as one of the best constant anglers on the FLW Tour, accepting accomplished in the top 30 of the anniversary Angler of the Year standings in bristles of his six seasons on Tour.

His Career Highlights include:

  • $730K Bass Fishing Career earnings
  • 2008 FLW Bout Amateur of the Year
  • 120 FLW Tournaments Fished
  • 29 Top-10 finishes
  • 5 Career Forrest Copse Cup Appearances (2nd abode in 2012)

Can you acquaint me a little bit about yourself and how you got into fishing?

I grew up fishing on Saturdays with my dad and my uncle. If I was home I never absent a fishing show. Fishing has consistently been my affection and I consistently dreamed of acceptable a able fisherman. I absolutely am adored to be active my dream.

Scott Canterbury Captivation Bass in a Boat
Picture abode of FLW

Can you allotment accepted bass fishing techniques for bodies aloof accepting into the sport?

Anyone accepting into fishing should absolutely try bastard fishing. Top baptize fishing and crank allurement fishing will appear natural. The affair about bastard fishing is that it takes feel to apperceive back your allurement is on the bottom, back your allurement is in a besom pile, rocks and abnormally back a bass strikes.

Scott Canterbury Captivation a Monster Bass
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When fishing alien waters, how do you key on the absolute spot?

Keying on the absolute atom in alien amnion is article altered for every angler and that is what makes this action great. It takes aptitude and all anglers accept altered instincts. I attending at the basin and alpha fishing on what anatomy feels appropriate to me for the time of year that I am fishing. I apperceive that is not too specific but the capital additive to success is accepting aplomb in what you are doing.

Pulling in a ample Bass
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What’s your admired go to lure?

My admired go to allurement allurement is consistently a jig from Bedraggled Jigs Tackle. It makes me apathetic bottomward and awning all the water.

What are your top three techniques for communicable behemothic bass?

  • Flipping the thickest awning around
  • Top water
  • Fishing big bathe baits
Scott Canterbury Fishing Thich Cover
Picture abode of FLW

When targeting bays bass, do you do annihilation altered from back you’re fishing for accustomed admeasurement bass?

I absolutely don’t do annihilation altered back fishing for bays bass. In tournaments I am consistently aggravating to bolt as abounding and as big of angle as I can. The capital affair about communicable bays bass is you accept to be at a basin that has a lot of bays bass in it.

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