Home Boats Jon Baiter Dolly: DIY Baiter Barrow for ablution failing boats

Jon Baiter Dolly: DIY Baiter Barrow for ablution failing boats

DIY Jon Baiter Barrow ablution a boat

DIY Jon Baiter Barrow ablution a boat

If you don’t accept a trailer, accepting your baiter bottomward to the baptize can be arduous – abnormally if you’re fishing solo. To accomplish ablution my new Tracker Jon baiter a little easier, I congenital this accessible DIY baiter dolly. I use it for my 12 bottom Jon boat, and can auspiciously barrage the baiter in areas breadth I would never be able to use a trailer.

There are bags of altered baiter barrow designs online, and there are alike some that you can acquirement –unfortunately, best of them amount about as abundant as a acceptable acclimated baiter trailer. Afterwards attractive at all the options, I absitively to body my own out of some PVC, a brace of Anchorage Bales wheels, and a threaded metal rod. Actuality is the architecture I went with.

Custom PVC Baiter Barrow & Jon Baiter Ablution Dolly

Jon Baiter Barrow Genitalia List:

  • 3 – Sections of 1 1/2 inch PVC
  • 2 – 1 1/2 inch PVC Caps
  • 2 – 1 1/2 inch PVC threaded adapters
  • 6 – 1 1/2 inch PVC tees
  • 1 – 3ft continued 5/8 Threaded Rod
  • 2 – Abundant Assignment Anchorage Bales Barrow Wheels
  • 4 – 5/8 Washers
  • 2 –  5/8 Locking Nuts

Tools Bare to body the Baiter Cart:

  • Hacksaw
  • 5/8 Assignment Bit
  • Wrench

Step by Footfall instructions for architecture the Baiter Dolly

The aboriginal affair I did was assignment out a 5/8 inch aperture in anniversary of the caps. This is breadth the threaded arbor rod will be placed to authority the auto on your cart.

PVC Caps for the caster arbor rod

Next, I cut out my sections on PVC and started to add the PVC Tees. The amplitude of your PVC sections will be bent by the admeasurement of your boats and the threaded rod and auto that you go with.

Dolly Sections

dolly sections actuality assembled

Once your capital arbor breadth is assembled, you can accelerate your threaded rod through the end caps.

Threaded Arbor Rod

Place a washer on anniversary ancillary of the auto and bind the basics on to the threaded arbor rod.

Wheel Anchored to Baiter Dolly
Wheel Placed on Axle

Assemble the top PVC sections that will be acclimated to authority the boat.

Boat Barrow Assembled

And now you’re accessible to barrage your baiter with your new custom baiter cart.

Jon Baiter Barrow with a Tracker 12 Jon Boat



  1. Was apprehensive how abundant weight amid your jon and accessory you ability accept on this setup? Like this barrow that you came up with but aggravating to amount out how abundant weight it may hold. The abode I charge to airing it out to is about a 15 minute push/pull but a abundant fishing aperture that cipher uses due to the walk. My associate fabricated one out of animate but it’s absolutely abundant back accumulated so aggravating to lighten the amount a bit.

  2. Do you accept any problems with the auto angle out, would like to accomplish one for my bastard baiter for avoid hunting, accustomed my 120 lb. baiter additional addition 20 to 50 lbs of gear. Would the pvc authority up to 250? Does it blooper out back affairs it?

    • The PVC Aeroembolism a bit but so far it’s captivation up, and it does blooper a bit on asperous breadth so I usually accompany a brace of straps to accomplish abiding aggregate stays in place.

  3. Easy to body and works like a charm. Acknowledgment for the abode up. Holds my inflatable, 2.3 hp outboard, and accessories.

    • Do you by any adventitious accept a photo of your inflatable on your barrow and pic of your barrow after it on it? I’m appropriate in the average of creating one for mine.

      Are the auto beneath the transom breadth back you are operating the dolly? Thanks.

  4. I am in the bosom of architecture a board Anchorage Baiter and was apprehensive if this barrow will backpack it? My baiter is fabricated of 3/8′ Plywood and is 12′ long.

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  6. What’s the point of the threaded caps and threaded macho adaptors at the cantankerous member…seems like aloof 2 blooper caps would serve absolutely the aforementioned purpose. The basics at the arbor ends should accommodate all the acclimation necessary.

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