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Fishing in Kamchatka: A Chance of Admirable Angle and Athirst Bears

Fishing in Kamchatka, Russia

Remote, acrid and abounding of mystery…this is the angel that appears in people‘s minds aback they apprehend about the allegorical Kamchatka, amid in the far eastern bend of Russia. However, it is not abnormal for able and abecedarian fisherman alike, to booty on the challenges of exploring this land, mainly due to the acclaimed Baron Salmon, built-in to Kamchatka‘s waters.

There are assorted means to get to Kamchatka from Lithuania (my homeland).  We chose the best acceptable avenue – aerial from Kaliningrad via Moscow and afresh on to Petropavlovsk. The accumulated continuance of flights took over 17 hours. We landed at Petropavlovsk airport, area we were met by our guide. We still had an 8-hour-long bus ride advanced of us, as able-bodied as a helicopter flight in an alien direction.  We could alone achievement aggregate would run smoothly. Finally, afterwards a continued and tiring, but thankfully, bland journey, we accustomed at the affected that was to be our home for the abutting week.

Fishing food loaded on a plane

The purpose of this cruise was one – Baron Salmon, the better in the world, a dream for so abounding fishermen and Kamchatka‘s pride. Kamchatka is absolutely a destination that every fisherman charge appointment at atomic already in his lifetime. Fishing actuality is a absolutely different and acclaimed experience. Of course, our apprehension was architecture and we were agog to go fishing afterwards our rather continued journey, so our affection was absolutely euphoric.

Getting accessible to fish

Our aboriginal attempts were, indeed, successful. In fact, aural the aboriginal thirty minutes, all of us got to acquaintance what it‘s like to bolt A Big Salmon. It seemed like there were so abounding fish, that hardly any accomplishment was bare to bolt them.  I accept to admit, we were advantageous in agreement of acclimate and location, they were perfect!  Anyway, our aboriginal consequence was absolute and our assurance was high.  Afterwards my antecedent catch, I accomplished that one has to be able-bodied able for this affectionate of fishing – these angle are big and they are powerful.

Fishing for Apricot in Kamchatka

If we allocution about the best accepted breed of Kamchatka fish, Baron Apricot is absolutely cardinal one. Dog Apricot comes in second, followed by some added bounded breed like Bubble Trout and Greyling. So, while cat-and-mouse for Baron Salmon, we would commonly bolt these added fish.  We anon got acclimated to them, our antecedent joy and action crumbling as we remembered our capital goal, the acumen why we had appear all this way, the Baron Salmon.   Having affected and timed every detail of our trip, we knew this time of year would aftermath admirable fish, ablaze and affluent in color.

Fishing in Russia

King Apricot accomplish their way appropriate through the average of a river, blame added breed out of way. Our fishing abode looked added or beneath like this: we aimed for the average of the river acquisitive to bolt a Baron Salmon, and then, if it didn‘t assignment out, we approved afresh afterpiece to the river coffer acquisitive to a get abate fish, such as a Dog Salmon.  If we didn’t administer to bolt a Dog Apricot either, afresh we were larboard with Bubble Trout or Beck Trout, and our aftermost hope, a Greyling. Of course, the little angle are abundant beneath agitative than the Baron Salmon, however, actuality in Kamchatka, alike Greylings will affect you with their size.

Fishing in Kamchatka

The apricot aggregate in the capital current, abnormally in the assemblage of two rivers. This is area we were mostly aggravating our luck. A appropriate affair in Kamchatka is that sometimes angle accumulate in actual still waters, area you’d atomic apprehend them. The Deeper acute alarm was actual advantageous in this case – several times we were not abiding about the abyss of a pit.  With the advice of Deeper, we saw that it was abundant beyond and added than our adviser believed it to be, and we begin lots of angle inside. The alarm concluded up actuality an invaluable apparatus and were blessed that we included in our fishing arsenal.

Salmon fishing in Kamchatka

What allurement was best? We acclimated lures. The angle were mostly bent in the capital current, so a wobbler formed well. Lures are acceptable alike aback the accepted is actual able and additionally assignment able-bodied fishing from a boat. Bounded fishermen acclimated beanery baits, but for some reason, they did not assignment for us.  By the way, it is important to accumulate in apperception that aback a Baron Apricot is on your line, it resists so abundant that you feel like your fishing rod is actuality ripped out of your hands.  Aback you get this blitz of adrenaline, you accept no agnosticism about what affectionate of angle is on the added end of the line.


Challenges? Grizzly bears.  There are affluence of them, actually breath bottomward our neck. They capital us to apperceive whose boss.  We were accompanied by bears from day one and we knew we had to be acutely careful.  Our guides brash us to augment the bears a little, so they would not be athirst and feel the charge to busybody about our campsite. We followed our guide’s recommendations – we would leave abate angle about 300ft from our campsite. We additionally took turns continuing bouncer and befitting watch over the area throughout the night. Cleary, we fabricated it out unscathed.

Fishing Kamchatka

Successful? Absolutely. We bent (and released) over a hundred Baron Salmon. My better bolt was 20lbs, but my associate bent one over 38lbs.  We came aback with a abridged abounding of memories, not alone because we encountered angle of absorbing proportions, but because the all-embracing acquaintance was one of a kind.  There are no words to call the accustomed adorableness of raw wilderness.  It can be said that a cruise to Kamchatka is a fisherman‘s dream, and if you do it once, you’ll appetite to go aback and bethink this amazing adventure, already again.

About Our Featured Fisherman, Aurelijus Liubinas

Aurelijus Liubinas is the CEO and Architect of Deeper – architect of acute accessories for fishing.

Gear Used:

Rod„Tailwalk“ Hi-Tide 590 ML
Fishing LineJapanese admeasurement 2.0, 300 m., braided, 8 cord Japanese line.
Outstanding FishKing Salmon
Largest Angle Caught38lb. Baron Salmon
Biggest ThreatPlenty of athirst bears

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