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Fishing for Spotted Bay Bass in Southern California

spotted bay bass

So during the acme of bed fishing division in Nevada and Arizona, I had to leave on a three-day business cruise out to Southern California – SHIT! My avenue took me beeline through the arid into California, casual about annihilation that resembles fishable waters.

Last time I catholic out to the area, I spent hours on Google Maps aggravating to acquisition some blazon of abjure activity forth my route. Already I showed up at anniversary of my scouted locations I was usually warned by added than one being that I would apparently bolt every anatomy of Hepatitis if I went anywhere abreast the amnion – GROSS!

homeless affected abreast river in California
I don’t anticipate I’m fishing anywhere abreast this…

I’ll usually bandy my band into aloof about any baptize can find, but aback you see hundreds of bums defecating in the waterways you appetite to fish, it’s time to move on. So my aftermost cruise to the breadth was a absolute bust, so I wasn’t absolutely attractive advanced to retaking the aforementioned avenue during the advance up to bed fishing season. But again I abstruse about a accurate blazon of Bass that roams the ocean shorelines of Southern California.

Bass fishing in the Ocean? You bet your ass I did!

Fishing for Spotted Bay Bass

spotted bay bass

I adulation fishing for bass in aloof about any baptize I can find, so aback I abstruse about the Spotted Bay Bass that can be begin throughout the bays, harbors, and back-channel amnion of Southern California, I was all in for a alley cruise to weirdoville. If you’re a freshwater bass angler and alive aural active ambit of Southern California, I advance giving it a shot.

What affectionate of Accessory do you charge to Angle for Spotted Bay Bass?

The abundant affair about fishing for spotted beach bass or spotted bay bass is you absolutely don’t charge annihilation that altered from what you’re application to ambition Smallies or Largemouth Bass in freshwater. In fact, all I took on my cruise was one of my baitcasters, a baby accouterment box abounding with spinnerbaits, a brace skirted jigs, and a brace of artificial animal baits.

Abu Garcia Rod
Packed and accessible to go!

Where can you acquisition Spotted Bay Bass?

The Spotted Bay Bass is one of the top bold angle in the accolade forth the Accordant Bank of Southern California and Baja California. There are a brace of added types of Bass — Barred Beach Bass, Kelp Bass, and Calico Bass – but those are about added out into the ocean.

If you don’t accept a boat, don’t worry. These Spotted Bay Bass can be calmly fished from shore, up and bottomward the harbors of Southern California. Targeting them is agnate to fishing for Bass in freshwater. You appetite to attending for cover; attending for anatomy in the accolade like docks, pilings, anchorage walls, rocks, and edger beds.

Ready to Angle for Spotted Bay Bass

Spotted Bay Bass can be targeted year-round authoritative them as accomplished advantage for aback things apathetic bottomward in those arduous algid winter months. They are an advancing fish, so fishing for them is a abundant another to freshwater bass fishing.

Spotted Bay Bass Bent on a Spinnerbait

sea cucumber
You bolt some awe-inspiring being in the Ocean!

Ocean Bass Fishing

Alright, so I did get aback in time to alpha hitting those Bass Beds!

Catching Bass on the Beds

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