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Fishing Little Reservior in the Tushar Mountains abreast Beaver, Utah

Fishing for Bubble Trout at Little Backlog in Utah

Little Backlog is a baby basin amid about 10 afar from Beaver, in Aholic County, Utah. The fishing actuality is appealing good, and the basin is abounding with both Bubble and Amber Trout throughout the year.

What affectionate of Allurement Works Best on Little Reservoir?

Most bodies angle the basin with bait, but Rooster tails, Woolly Buggers and added flies are actual advantageous in the summer months for Rainbows. To ambition the beyond browns, you appetite to use article that matches the minnows in the lake.

Rooster Tail
I adulation this specific Banty Tail and accept had a ton of luck with it throughout the Tushar Mountains in Utah

During the summer months the bubble chaw seems to be the best in the morning, and if you are targeting Browns acquisitive for one of the accounted monsters that alive in Little Reservoir, again the best time to angle is in the aboriginal black hours as the sun is setting.

Some of our Pictures from Fishing Little Backlog in the Tushar Mountains

Launching Baiter on Little Reservoir
Getting Accessible to barrage the Baiter out at Little Reservoir, Utah
Fishing Little Backlog in Utah
A nice day of communicable trout out on the Little Backlog in Utah.
Rainbow Trout bent out on the basin
Rainbow Trout bent out on the basin during the summer on a Banty Tail
Trout Sushi anyone? Doesn’t get any fresher! Yes, she lives to action addition day!

Directions to Little Backlog abreast Beaver, Utah

From Beaver, arch east on UT-153 for 10 miles. About-face appropriate on Kents Basin Alley (FR137) and chase that for 0.8 miles. Little Backlog will be on the appropriate ancillary of the road.

There is no alley admission in the winter, and I’ve apparent the road blocked by snow all the way up until May.

GPS Coordinates

  • Latitude: 38° 15′ 41.0040″ N
  • Longitude: 112° 29′ 23.3916″ W

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