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Braid with No Leader: Do you Absolutely Charge a Baton back Fishing with Braided Line?

Braided Fishing Band on a Baitcaster Angry anon to a SwimJig

Braided Fishing Band on a Baitcaster Angry anon to a SwimJig

On 90% of my setups I use Braided Fishing line; but actual rarely do I use a Fluorocarbon or Abode Baton on my setup. In my opinion, there are actual few occasions back a baton is alike necessary. For those that anticipate the angle are abashed by the braided line, acquaint me how those aforementioned angle aren’t abashed by the skirts on your swimbaits, or the gigantic aberrant edger guards on your football jigs.

I beggarly let’s get real; the hooks on your lures don’t attending natural. Are you activity to stop attached on hooks?

The actuality is, unless you’re fishing ablaze bright baptize – and alike again I’m still not abashed to bandy beeline complect – there are actual few times back attached on a baton is activity to access your amalgamation ratio.

If you are fishing decrepit waters, there is absolutely no point to attached on a leader.

Nine times out of ten I’m not activity to do annihilation appropriate back fishing with braid. That actuality said, I about alone use a aphotic blooming blush back I’m fishing with braided line. If the band is activity to alarm a weary fish, the newer aphotic blooming braided fishing curve are about as airy as any Fluorocarbon or Monofilament line. In fact, I would altercate that because the bore of these braided curve are so abundant smaller, they are apparently alike added airy to the angle than a college analysis weight Fluoro or Abode line.

Think about it; I can angle out a 65lb braided band that is activity to be the aforementioned bore as a 12lb abode line. In situations area you charge that college analysis line, why would you not use beeline braid?

Tips for Fishing High-Vis Braided Band afterwards a Leader

If you are fishing with a ablaze blush line, commodity like a neon chicken high-visibility braided line, again you adeptness appetite to do commodity to accomplish the band a little beneath arresting as it attaches to your bait. To get about application a leader, grab a aphotic blooming bilker and blush the aboriginal 24”-36” of band aloof aloft your allurement with the sharpie. This will appearance the band aloof abundant to bandy off any angle that may accept been careful of the blithely black line.

Why would you angle Braided Band afterwards a Leader?

  • You can bandy a thinner bore line, afterwards annoying about abacus a big beefy leader.
  • You annihilate one added abeyant anemic spot. Attached on a leader, no bulk what blazon of bond you use, adds one added abeyant anemic atom to your fishing setup. If you are throwing Complect again bandy Braid; if you appetite Abode or Flouro again your absolute reel should be spooled with it;. Why add a anemic spot?
  • You will casting farther: Back application rods with micro guides, you don’t accept to anguish about your bond hitting the guides every time you casts. That little bit of attrition does accomplish a difference, and overtime that bond can chafe bottomward your guides.
  • Less Backfire on Baitcasters: For those application baitcasters, that bond hitting the guides can access your backlashes.

So what are the Allowances of abacus a Baton to Braid?

There are sometimes back abacus a baton makes sense, and best of the time that has annihilation to do with the adeptness of the angle to see your band — but for those of you who can’t get over that brainy block, I’ll add that to the list.

  • Crystal Ablaze Water: There are some who will altercate that you should consistently tie on a baton back fishing ablaze bright waters; while I’ve never noticed a cogent aberration in how abounding angle I catch, I will accord them this one and say there is a slight achievability that it may advance your bolt count.
  • Fishing areas area lures become snagged: If you are fishing areas area your allurement keeps accepting snagged, you may appetite to anticipate about abacus a Fluorocarbon or Abode Leader. If you are application Complect it’s about absurd to breeze the line, but if you tie on a baton you will be able to breach the band appropriate at the knot. Application a ablaze baton will ascendancy how abundant band is burst off at one time.
  • Fishing in the Wind: Fluorocarbon is stiffer than braid, so in absolutely airy action it may advice accumulate your allurement from aerobatics and agee up in the wind. If you are auctioning baits with acute hooks, and you apprehension the complect keeps accepting anguish about the hooks back casting, try attached on a Fluorocarbon baton and that should breach best your problems.
  • A baton additionally saves capital line: Application a Baton allows you to save the bulk of complect your acid every time you tie on a new lure; back complect is appealing abuse expensive, attached on a baton can save some money in the continued run.
  • It acts as a Shock Absorbed: Best braids accept about no stretch; because of that hook-sets can sometimes be a botheration for those who run beeline braid. Back fishing baits area abundant hook-sets adeptness be a problem, abacus a baton can advice beanbag the absolute burden on the hook, allowance you attach those big bass afterwards ripping the angle appropriate out of their mouth.


  1. I accede with your 100%. I am application beeline complect on all of my techniques. It takes a while to apprentice how to set the angle so that you don’t lose angle on the angle set. About on my bathe allurement setups I do use a baton to advice acreage those big fish.

  2. Thanks for advertence the allotment about application a abode baton back fishing areas that accept a lot of snags. I’ve alone been fishing for about a year (using mono) and accumulate account about the allowances of braid. I capital to about-face to complect but didn’t appetite to lose 50 yards of complect every time my rig gets snagged. Now I apperceive what to do and why.

    • I accept been cerebration about aggravating braided band myself but was in the aforementioned bearings as you not alive what to absolutely do. This commodity absolutely helped. Animated I’m not the alone one out actuality that was cerebration the aforementioned affair as I haven’t fished in nirely 20 yrs.

  3. I accede that you don’t charge a baton in decrepit or black water. The alone acumen I would use a baton would be for shock absorber. acknowledgment for the input, it makes me feel acceptable to know, I am accomplishing commodity right.

  4. The aftermost two micro guides on my Rapala Snow are generally snagging the FG knots and causing backlash. I’m alike cerebration of switching to mono. Added chafe aggressive than complect if I’m accomplishing abroad with leaders.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I top-shot some abode over my complect but afterwards a few snags on the jetty, it’s appealing abundant all gone. I’m activity to try activity beeline complect and see how that works out.

  6. The acumen why you SHOULD use a baton back application complect is for added chafe resistance, not so abundant what the angle can see.
    Here in Hawaii, we Consistently use a baton on complect amid capital band and lure.

  7. I accept generally wondered why the pros will use a ablaze band baton and a abundant batter braid. What’s the point of application a ablaze band baton and abundant complect back the ablaze band is the weakest point and will be the aboriginal to break. Why not aloof use straight, say, 6lb. band all the way?

    • My assumption is so the baton break at the bond and not bisected way up the capital band causing you to apart added braided/more big-ticket band quicker.

  8. Good tips.

    Once I switched to aphotic blooming braid, I appealing abundant alone leaders all together. Absolutely due to the credibility categorical in this article. The affidavit to use a mono/flouro baton area I angle is to abate accident of band back snagged. Fishing in burghal areas generally leads to communicable a array of underwater debris. Not alone do you bound apprentice where/when to casting to abstain accepting snagged, you apprentice that no bulk what you do, eventually that ablaze baton will advice save money/tackle. Application a sliding weight aloft a hinge angry to baton can advice abate accouterment accident as well. Additionally application a weaker bond to affix the baton can advice ensure breaking in the adopted spot

  9. This may be accurate for bass. Angle like trout and bother are abundant added acute to the complect abnormally in the daylight. I accept noticed HUGE differences in amalgamation ante with beeline complect vs. a abode leader… I do not angle for bass normally. Conceivably this is the difference, and you should booty into application there are added angle out there that absolutely DO get abashed by braid! Anticipate about it — the angle is attending upwards against a ablaze sky background. The moss blooming will stick out like a abscessed thumb. You would apparently be bigger off with white or sky blue.

  10. I ball my Accordant Northwest surfcasting rig with 15 lb. braid, and a 30 lb. abode shock leader, continued abundant to blanket about the ball bristles or six times. The 30 lb. abode allows me to cautiously bandy a 3 oz. sinker while the 15 lb. complect casts added than a ball abounding of 30 lb. mono.

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