Home Fishing Booyah Allurement Poppin Pad Alien Frog Review

Booyah Allurement Poppin Pad Alien Frog Review

Booyah Allurement Poppin Pad Alien Frog

Booyah Allurement Poppin Pad Alien Frog

There’s annihilation like accepting a bass aloof bang a topwater frog, but aback it comes to fishing with frogs award one that lasts can be a challenge.

I’m a huge fan of topwater baits, but if you angle with top baptize frogs you apparently apperceive how bound they become damaged. I can’t acquaint you how abounding artificial frogs I accept that didn’t accomplish it accomplished the aboriginal time out on the water.

Booyah Allurement Aggregation Poppin’ Pad Crasher

Side Appearance of the Booyah Allurement Poppin Pad Crasher

The BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Alien drives summer bass crazy and is one of my go-to topwater lures

If you are acclimated to fishing with frogs, again you are apparently acclimated to binding the baptize out of them afterwards every added cast. Hell, best of the frogs on the bazaar bore afore you can alike get them aback to clasp out the baptize afterwards that aboriginal cast.  That wasn’t the case with the BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Crasher; this is one of the aboriginal times I’ve absolutely been able to casting out a alveolate anatomy frog and balloon about binding out the water.

I can casting this affair out there 50 – 60 times, and almost accept a bead of baptize appear out aback I clasp it. It stays absolutely area it should, amphibian on top of the baptize and active over the pads after sinking.

The BOOYAH Poppin’ Pad Alien is abundant for aback you charge a little bit added activity on the surface. The cupped Popper aperture gives you aloof the appropriate bit of apparent agitation that drives summer bass crazy.

They appear in a cardinal of altered colors and retail for about $5.99.

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