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Best Bass Lures: The Top Go-To Bass Lures that are Affirmed to Bolt Fish

Bass Lures

If you’re like best bass anglers, you apparently accept accouterment box ample on top of accouterment box abounding of hooks, lure, abstruse baits, and accessories that are all affirmed to bolt angle – able-bodied at atomic that’s what the amalgamation said aback you bought the lure.

But award the absolute bass allurement can be a challenge. Ask a hundred fisherman what their admired bass allurement is, and you are apparently activity to get a hundred altered answers – ask them during the pre-spawn, the atrociously frigid winter months, or aback the summer calefaction is about unbearable, and well, all bets are out the window.

Finding the best bass allurement is allotment science, allotment claimed preference, and apparently a bit of allure abracadabra befuddled in as well.

The Top Bass Lures that You Charge to Add to Your Accouterment Box

So what lures bolt the best bass?

There are an amaranthine cardinal of altered adamantine baits, bendable baits, swimbaits, topwater and brands to accept from, but if you’re attractive for a allurement that will anxiously bolt bass afterwards bass, again you charge to analysis out some of these approved and accurate bass fishing lures that will bolt bass throughout any season.

The Skirted Jig & or The Jig n’ Pig Combo

Jig n Pig for Bass

If you’re attractive for a goto allurement that can be acclimated year round, again it doesn’t get abundant bigger than a skirted lure. Bandy on some array of animal allurement bivouac (sometimes alleged the Jig n Pig), and you accept yourself an unstoppable admixture that is affirmed to aftermath results.

How do you angle a Skirted Jig?

Nine times out of ten I’m activity to angle them with some array of trailer. Skirted Jigs are meant to actor the activity of a crawdad, so best of the time you are activity to run them apathetic forth the bottom, periodically bustling them about rocks, logs, and added basal baptize structure.

But don’t let the apathetic and low abode authority you aback from experimenting. The Jig n’ Pig admixture is an alarming flipping and casting admixture that can be befuddled into abundant frondescence and structure. Best of the time you will attach the bass on the fall, authoritative this an accomplished allurement to bound assignment structure, docks, and areas like tules or close cover.

Our Admired Skirted Jigs:

Crankbait Lures

Bass Fishing Crankbaits

There isn’t a Bass Angler out there that doesn’t accept a array of crankbaits in his armory of bass lures. If you’re attractive to awning a lot of baptize at assorted depths, again a crankbait is a abundant chase allurement to throw.

How to Angle a Crankbait:

Crankbaits are appealing abuse accessible to fish. The best aboveboard adjustment is to aloof run it aback with a slow, simple retrieve, but capricious up the activity and abacus in a brace pauses, twitches and speeds can sometimes be the affair that turns a apathetic chaw into a day you’ll never forget.

The abyss of your crankbait is activity to depend on what you’re throwing, but in general, they appear in three categories: Squarebills and Bank Defined ( 0-6 feet) Average Defined 6-12 feet) and Abysmal Defined which will run 12 anxiety and deeper.

Where to angle a Crankbait:

This is area best bodies get it wrong. I see a lot of bodies afire their crankbaits through accessible water; while this ability bolt the accidental bass, best of your strikes are activity to appear aback the crankbait deflects off of some blazon of anatomy or off the floor. And don’t be abashed to angle them through cover. Yes, you’re activity to bolt some snags, and you’re activity to be charwoman the hooks, but if you shy abroad from awning you’re removing yourself from areas area the bass are sitting.

Some of our Admired Crankbiats:

Stick Baits

Yum Alarm Artificial Bass Bait

Whether it’s a Senko, a Yum Dinger, or some added knockoff, Artificial Stick baits are some of the best effective, versatile, and baleful bass baits on the market. In my opinion, and I say this based on claimed experience, there isn’t a bigger allurement out there. I’ve bent added bass on Senkos and Yum Dingers than any added allurement I use. Weightless, Texas rigged, Carolina-rigged, bead shot, internally attach weighted, weedless, wacky, tossed into cover, you name it, Artificial Stickbaits bolt fish; lots of fish!

How to Angle a Stick Allurement Worm:

There are a ton of altered techniques, but by far the best accepted and able adjustment to angle a artificial stick allurement is to absurd rig it and let it bead boring into your ambition zone.

When to bandy a Senko (stickbait).

There’s never a amiss time to angle with a Senko appearance bait; these bad boys aftermath after-effects year annular and are one of the best able baits that you can accept in your accouterment box. Check out our commodity on Fishing Stickbaits for added techniques.

Our Admired Stickbaits:


Spinner Baits

Spinnerbaits are addition one of those lures that about anyone can bandy and accept a acceptable bulk of success alike with bound experience. That actuality said, the added you angle them and the added accustomed you are with capricious your retrieve and bond up your activity the added acknowledged you will be.

How do you angle a Spinnerbait?

Just like a crankbait, a simple, aboveboard retrieve is the easiest adjustment of fishing one of these lures. Clashing a crankbait, you usually appetite to angle these suckers appealing fast. You can change your abyss by application altered weights; added spinnerbaits will run added and lighter ones will run aloof beneath the apparent with the blades about breaking the water.

Adding some action: To mix things up and aftermath bigger results, try active the Run spinnerbait into anatomy like docks, logs, rocks, or through vegetation. The aberrant motion of the allurement usually helps activate added strikes. If you’re fishing abysmal or accessible baptize after a lot of structure, accord the allurement some desultory jerks or baby pauses to actualize the agnate effect.

When and area to Angle Spinnerbaits:

They can be befuddled appealing abundant year-round, but I absolutely like throwing them on canicule area the wind starts to aces up — with aerial wind, these baits can be abnormally lethal. During the colder months, aloof like best baits you are activity to appetite to apathetic bottomward your retrieve.

Our Admired Spinnerbaits:

Plastic Worms

Plastic Worms for Bass Fishing

I apperceive we mentioned Senkos above, but I absolutely accede them to be in a altered class than best added artificial worms. Artificial worms can be fished absurd chic like a Senko, but there absolutely are hundreds of means to rig and angle these types of baits.

How do you Angle a Artificial Worm?

This catechism abandoned could aftermath about a thousand altered accessories (here’s one on how to put them on a hook). From Texas rigged. Absurd Rigged, or Carolina Chic to dainty options or all-a-quiver arch Jigs, this baby little artificial bastard is one of the best able lures in your accouterment box. Abode a brace of trips to fishing with alone bendable plastics, and I agreement you will be a far bigger angler for it.

When and area to Angle Artificial Worms:

The alone time I absolutely about-face things up is during the backward abatement and winter aback bass tend to become lethargic. Already things alpha slowing down, I about alpha throwing all of my bendable plastics weightless. The slower abatement makes them easier to aces off and is added agreeable to bass in colder waters. During the coldest winter months, I’m apparently activity to put some weight aback on there, but alone so I can get the bastard bottomward deep. Already it hits bottom, it’s a apathetic aching activity – I’ll accord it a jerk actuality and there, but sometimes your aloof asleep afraid it added than anything.

Our Admired Worms

Topwater Frogs

Topwater Frog

You appetite to acquaintance article that you will never forget, again bandy a topwater frog into some abundant awning and authority on. There’s aloof article about the activity of a monster bass hitting a frog that will accomplish you adulation these lures added than annihilation abroad in your accouterment box.

How to Bass Angle with Frogs

Typically, frogs are activity to be fished over grass mats, lilypads, scum, or chucked into abundant awning or through alpine grass. Wherever I bandy it, I usually abeyance and let it sit for at atomic a brace of seconds. About you’ll accept a draft up about as anon as it hits the water. If you don’t accomplish it hop forth the baptize application short, hard, fast, alongside jerks on your rod. I usually do about three to bristles at a time followed by a abbreviate pause. The argument usually happens on these pauses.

Hooksets are a little altered with frogs, as you don’t appetite to set the angle too quickly. It’s adamantine not to set the angle with how abandoned topwater hits usually are, but you appetite to accord the bass a additional or two to absolutely absorb that frog.

When to Angle a Topwater Frog

I bandy best of my topwater baits from Bounce through the Fall. In best cases, this is absolutely added of a balmy acclimate bait.

Our Admired Top Baptize Frogs


Bass Fishing with Buzzbaits

Sometimes buzzbaits about feel like cheating. They’re acutely accessible to fish, and article about the activity the aftermath aloof drives bass crazy.

How to angle a Buzzbait:

These are one of the simplest lures to fish. Abandon them out there, and again aloof bake them fast forth the top of the water. My admired abode to bandy them is appropriate aloft abundant cover, area added lures ability accept a adamantine time. They are a abundant way to acquisition angle ambuscade in the shallows, or bringing the lunkers out of abundant cover. One affair you appetite to do is add a bivouac angle to your buzzbait added astute you are activity to absence a lot of angle on abbreviate strikes.

When to Angle a Buzzbait

Buzzbaits are addition balmy acclimate lure, I about angle them amid the bounce and abatement months, with summer usually bearing the best results.

Our Admired Buzzbaits:


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