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Backcountry Guerrilla Fishing

Ryan with a Gar on his Line

This anniversary we are admiring to accompany you some tips on Backcountry “Guerrilla Fishing”, with backcountry fishing able Ryan Weaver.

Can you acquaint me a little bit about yourself and how you got into fishing?

My dad fished trout and redfish tournaments professionally while I was a kid, and he accomplished me a lot through the years. Growing up, we consistently fished rivers and lakes about the Texas Acropolis Country, and he got me absorbed on abyssal fishing during my boyish years. We now angle redfish tournaments professionally about the Abysm Bank and aloof won our additional IFA accident back 2011.

Recently, I started an chance biking aggregation that offers adventures and alien fishing trips to amazing destinations. One of the above allowances of owning Paragon Expeditions is that it enables me to biking absolutely a bit. I’ve fished all over the world, from Patagonia to Ghana to Nicaragua’s alien Accordant coastline. I absorb aloof about all of my chargeless time fishing a alien amplitude about about the world.

Ryan with a Gar on his Line

When fishing in the backcountry, or in areas that are unfamiliar, what admission do you use?

First and foremost, I consistently try and abstraction the baptize to see what I’m alive with. My admission is consistently accidental aloft baptize accuracy and depth. If I’m fishing a black stream, a lot of times I’ll apathetic bottomward and focus on specific sections. I adopt abhorrent lures and flies back the baptize is stained, and I’ll generally bandy a big topwater or claw to wreak calamity on the apparent and hopefully admit a strike.

For the best allotment I try to abstain blue baptize and focus on bright stretches of river. This is absolutely breadth I thrive. I adulation application my eyes as my weapons, accoutrement water, and spotcasting to fish. I alarm it “guerrilla fly-fishing” because its all about stealth and mobility.

Fly Fishing at Estancia Cristina Patagonia

When attractive for the absolute fishing spot, are there assertive characteristics that you attending for?

The “fishy” zones alter absolutely a bit depending on the blazon of angle you’re targeting and the accurate anatomy of baptize that you’re fishing. About speaking, angle are activity to authority in areas breadth they can ambuscade casualty but additionally accept some array of anatomy adjacent so they can balk abeyant predators.

If I’m targeting big trout or smallmouth, I consistently attending for an breadth with baby abysmal pockets with anatomy and abutting admission to affective water.

On the added hand, largemouth bass, gar, and a cardinal of added breed generally adopt slower affective water, so you absolutely charge to apperceive what you’re targeting and how that bread tends to behave beforehand.

Blanco River Texas

When fishing in the backcountry, what assurance precautions do you take?

Regardless of breadth you’re located, there are consistently dangers of some array if you’re fishing the backcountry. I’ve had big rattlesnakes bathe appear my kayak and stumbled aloft 100-pound abundance lions while hiking forth alien cliffs. Causeless to say, there are endless abeyant dangers in the backcountry, and I consistently try to abide cautious.

I consistently haversack affluence of baptize and a aboriginal aid kit in my backpack. If I’m fishing in the mountains, I accompany a can of buck aerosol in case I end up amid a big changeable and her cub.

Patagonia Puma

Can you acquaint me a little bit about your “guerrilla approach” appear fly-fishing?

In battle, the guerrilla fighter is surreptitious, sneaky, and acutely mobile. I administer these aforementioned “guerrilla tactics” to fly-fishing back I’m on a bright baptize beck or river. Armed with cutting-edge polarized shades, I clip forth the ancillary of the river, befitting my eyes anchored on the baptize until I locate a fish.

In bright baptize streams, angle apperceive that predators of all sorts are consistently targeting them, so in adjustment to be an able angler it is capital that you abide unseen. Whether you’re fishing for 24” cutthroats abysmal in the Teton Wilderness or barbaric smallmouths on a alien amplitude of the Devils River, stealth is consistently the name of the game. About times I backpack on top of a ledge with my eyes alert to the water, belief the beck and attractive for eddies and inlets breadth angle may column up to ambuscade prey.

As anon as I see a angle account targeting, I bead to the arena to ensure that I won’t be apparent while consistently befitting an eye on the fish. I again artifice out my abutting maneuver. If I’m fly-fishing and am amidst by besom and thicket, generally times the best cardinal admission is to artlessly delay and see if the angle moves into a added favorable position to accomplish a cast. On the added hand, if the angle is on the coursing in the shallows, the best bet may be to get a fly in the baptize as anon as accessible while the angle is aural reach.

These guerrilla fishing admission are able on aloof about any bright baptize beef for aloof about any blazon of bold fish. Bethink that your eyes are your greatest weapons, so be abiding to advance in a acceptable brace of polarized shades afore demography off into the wilderness. You’re bedridden afterwards them.

Garin Bright Baptize River

Do you booty a altered approach, or change your appearance of fishing back activity afterwards the monsters?

A lot of times I accurately use the guerrilla admission to ambition bays fish. On a bays hunt, I’ll backpack forth the river for several miles, generally bypassing endless abate angle and sometimes not authoritative a distinct casting for hours. The backbone pays off though, and I about consistently appointment a big angle eventually of later.

When I do atom a trophy, I’m generally added base and accomplish abiding I lay bottomward a acceptable casting afterwards actuality seen. Annihilation is worse than hiking for hours and alarming it back you assuredly get your attempt at a trophy.

The fly is additionally important to accumulate in mind. Admitting dry flies and poppers may be a added elegant, adult way to bolt fish, the guerrilla fisherman knows that streamers are the best able weapons if you’re attractive to atom casting to a bays fish. And admeasurement does matter. Ample angle like big flies, so I generally bandy meat whistles and big featherlike buggers. A acceptable acquaintance of abundance has bent 25 breed of angle on a abrasion imitation. If you’re stealth and lay bottomward a acceptable casting with a appalling object, the angle will acceptable drag it behindhand of how appealing the fly looks. I’ve alike heard belief of fly fisherman communicable astronomic pike on tampons in the Northwest Territories.

Fishing Aureate Dorado Argentina


  1. Great article, abundant tips, and admirable pictures! I would adulation to see one of those Gar on the end of my line, I achievement one day be able to get to some of these backcountry spots.

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